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Posted by P-cate - December 4th, 2016

EXTERNAL LINKS. If you wanna know more about me and shit, and newgrounds isn't enough (is probably one of the sites I'm less active at) check these links!



FACEBOOK (mostly spanish)
DEVIANTART (almost as active as around here lol)

ko-fi If you want to donate QuQ


Posted by P-cate - October 23rd, 2016

I've been busy and tired the whole year. Sorry if I didn't answer your comments and messages, I don't think I actually will now tbh lmao. BUT I'LL TRY TO REPLY TO STUFF SINCE ...NOW LOL.

I just published a sketchdump for you guys to see what I've been doing the whole time lmao. Thanks for following me!

I hope I can be a little more active from now on!, although Newgrounds is one of the places I'm less active on. You can find me more active on twitter (cate_p), deviantart, tumblr, or my fb page (although I post mostly in spanish there)

Posted by P-cate - September 2nd, 2016

I just want to make a new one lol, like, to keep my page from rotting or something.

tell me about your life

Posted by P-cate - June 18th, 2016


I'm uploading it at tapastic!, if it catches your eye i would be really happy if you subscribe!, thank you!

Posted by P-cate - April 26th, 2016

as i don't make new text posts often, here you have a filler main post for you to tell me anything you want. 

i think i'll try to make these a thing. For the moment, i'm telling you what im into right now:

- replaying ace attorney 1 (which i never finished due to corrupted data in the last case)
- working on my comic
- really into super sentai villians (LIKE REALLY, REALLY INTO IT ((REALLY FUCKING INTO IT))), EVEn though i was never a fun of sentais when i was a lil one
- designing my super sentai villian's inspired character
- i finished Life is strange. Sometimes the game is boring and kinda cringy and sometimes it grabs your heart and destroys it, like the real ending, damn, it got me feeling kinda empty inside.
- being horny 24/7

Posted by P-cate - March 17th, 2016

When you're from southamerica and u freak out bc newgrounds is entirely green, then you remember that it's a special day for USA. Happy st. Patrick's day!, though i don't know what it celebrated today LMAO.

PD: also the art "qualification"'s bugged somehow, and instead of the scale 1-5 with the artist girl's face, there's this guy with headphones that goes for music and audio HAHAHA.

Posted by P-cate - January 17th, 2016

THAT'S NOT A FUCKING COMPLIMENT DUDE. Stop making that kind of comments, it's not really something positive to say.


The artist has worked hard in their style to archieve something relatively unique. The looks should instantly make the viewer know that this particular art style belongs to this particular artist. With characters, the character creator tries their best to make something that's not "like" other character.

Although nothing's original, but a mix of many things, if you say these comments you're basically throwing all that hard work, to make something somewhat original, away.

Posted by P-cate - December 31st, 2015

i hope you have a lot of sex this year


and by sex i mean with digital waifus

cate out.

Posted by P-cate - December 29th, 2015

Like for real, last month a weird sickness striked my innocence and i literally died. I went down like 4 kILo please give me your spare fatness i need it i dont want to be underweight

Posted by P-cate - December 9th, 2015

Nicci in bikini blessed me